Synchronizing Your Wish List and Budget

Creating a feasible wish list for home projects means diving into the details of your budget and laying out a clear scope of work with the construction company and designers. It’s important to plan carefully when building or updating your Healdsburg real estate property or Napa Valley real estate property. Check out these tactics to [...]

Hiring an Interior Designer

Interior Designers are extremely valuable when it comes to high-end real estate properties. Designing these complex spaces requires experience, a lot of time, and vision. Homes for sale in Napa CA and homes for sale in Calistoga CA require great interior design as the area is known for high-end homes. What Does an Interior Designer [...]

Firescaping: Keep Your Property Safe

Firescaping means landscaping with fire-safety in mind. Wildfire season makes it absolutely necessary to take the proper precautions with your landscape whether it’s what plants you grow, the layout of the property, and the materials to avoid. Your real estate agent can help you find homes for sale in Rutherford CA that have proper firescaping. [...]

Keep Your Garden Fire-Safe: Plants to Avoid

With wildfires constantly on the news, it’s important to take steps towards keeping your home and property safe. Homes for sale in Yountville CA and Napa Valley real estate should make sure that their gardens take the right precautions and avoid certain plants that can increase fire danger. Plants that make great kindling are not [...]

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for the Summer

Summer means spending time outside and relaxing on your patio. When nighttime falls, it’s important to have lighting that reflects a natural glow and creates a calming ambiance. Luxury homes for sale in Napa CA and homes for sale in St. Helena CA feature great lighting design that is inviting and warm. image source: Houzz [...]

Luxury Home Sales Up 25% in June

A lot has changed since 2017. One of the bigger things being luxury real estate sales. Comparing June 2017 and June 2018, sales have gone up 25%. What does that mean for luxury homes for sale in St Helena CA and homes for sale in Rutherford CA? It means they’re flying off the shelves, so [...]

Bedroom Design Ideas

A bedroom should be relaxing, ideal for sleeping, and a beautiful space to wake up in. Luxury real estate properties feature high-end design elements perfect for your slumbering oasis. We have a few ideas of how to elevate a bedroom space. It’s up to a high-end real estate company to find these perfect spaces. Check [...]

The Costs of Kitchen Remodeling: Countertops

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home. It’s where the family comes together to enjoy a good meal and where entertaining always begins. Homes for sale in Napa CA require beautiful and functional kitchens to really stand out and attract buyers. Countertops in particular are an important feature. Check out the [...]

The Costs of Kitchen Remodeling: Cabinets

When it  comes to kitchen remodels, cabinets are a focal point. The aesthetic and functionality is set by the cabinets and the material and design you choose. This is an essential aspect of homes for sale in Napa CA and require a thoughtful approach. Understand the various types of cabinet materials and installs, and the [...]

Essential Items Every Home Needs

A home is more than a shelter. It’s a place of refuge. Luxury real estate homes should include items that make the space yours. Check out what we believe your wine country real estate space needs. Art You Love Show your wine country real estate space some love and fill it with art that makes [...]

Remodeling Projects and the Real Cost

A successful remodeling project can be carried out with proper planning. When searching for homes for sale in St. Helena CA or homes for sale in Yountville CA, it’s important to have vision and an understanding of renovation costs. Uncover the real prices of high-end renovations and see how you can apply them in your [...]

Unique Kitchen Storage Ideas

What defines a luxury real estate home? It’s more than the price tag. A luxury home is well thought out, functional, and beautiful. Clever storage solutions can hint that a home is more than a simple house. In your search for homes for sale in St. Helena CA, keep an eye out for spaces with [...]

Biggest Bang for Your Buck: 2018 Upgrades

Some renovations are better than others. While installing a jetted bathtub may be cool, the ROI is not so high. If you’re putting up homes for sale in Napa CA, it’s important to consider which home improvement will get you the biggest bang for your buck. Check out these projects that will add significant value [...]

Consider this Home For Your Getaways

Memorial Day weekend has come and gone. Americans have taken a moment to honor those who fight for us and therefore devote the weekend to spending time with loved ones. The extended weekend allows families to flee to their vacation homes for a small getaway. From humble lake houses to luxury real estate properties, vacation [...]

Luxury Private Pools in Time for Summer

It’s getting hotter in wine country with summer approaching and people are anxious to spend time in their backyard oasis. For those on the hunt for luxury homes for sale in Calistoga CA or homes for sale in St. Helena CA, get some inspiration from these luxurious private pools around the world. Photo: Derry Moore [...]

7 Reasons You Need a Real Estate Agent

The Real Estate Agent's Value to You With the market more competitive than ever, those putting up homes for sale in St. Helena need to consider the importance of a real estate agent. Your time and money is important so it’s good to have a qualified professional on your side. “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO) [...]

European Tastes are Invading the U.S. and the Result is Luxurious

Take a stroll through Napa Valley and head north into St. Helena. What do you see? The shops, restaurants, vineyards, and homes all reflect a variety of styles. From 19th century Victorian architecture, to colonial inspired homes, to modern winery designs, this part of California boasts an impressive essence. And now, more than ever, architects [...]

Rutherford California: A Unique Wine Country Region

Beautiful Napa Valley beckons with its delightful culture, scenery, climate, history, and social life. Our setting is perfect for living, enjoying, being active, or just relaxing. The lifestyle of Napa Valley offers just about everything For the best in exclusive homes for sale in Rutherford CA, check out St. Helena Real Estate’s stunning listings – each real [...]

Stunning Entrance Halls that Inspire

The first few steps into a luxury home should inspire, awe, and maybe create a little envy. That’s why a spectacular entrance hall is a must when it comes to luxury real estate. And where can you find stunning entrance halls? Wine Country. Luxury homes for sale in Yountville, Napa, and St. Helena have this [...]

Green Living: A Luxury Home Necessity

Switching the lightbulbs to LEDs and investing in natural fiber furnishings might not be enough to convert your home to an Earth-friendly space. To be truly eco-friendly, residences can level up by a lot. 32% of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by residential and commercial buildings according to the EPA. And large luxury homes can [...]

An Overview of Calistoga and St. Helena

Wine Country always offers residents the ability to explore the smaller towns of the region. The towns surrounding Napa Valley each have their own unique character that attracts thousands of tourists and draws buyers to make the region a place they can call home. It’s no wonder people searching for homes for sale in Calistoga [...]

Calistoga: A Destination Town in Wine Country

Travel to the northern end of Napa to the base of Mt. St. Helena, and you’ll find Calistoga. With over 5,000 residents, this town encompasses all the charm of the past. Calistoga retains its historic feel with 19th century architecture and peaceful setting. The town is famous for its vineyards, its beauty, and of course, [...]

Healdsburg: A Small Town Treasure

Nestled into the Northern part of Sonoma, converged among the Dry Creek, Alexander, and Russian River Valleys, sits the small town of Healdsburg, CA. This town, rightfully so, has been awarded each year as one of the top 10 small towns in America. With a population of 11,000, Healdsburg is larger than many other surrounding [...]

Spring 2018 Brings the Most Competitive Market for Homebuyers

This spring season may bring a few more headaches than usual to prospective buyers looking for their dream homes. The housing market has always been stressful to consumers with rising real estate costs, low inventory, and demographic shifts. Napa Valley real estate and the general homes for sale in Napa CA are just one example [...]

Napa Valley Dreams: How to Find the Perfect Property

Over 90 percent of Napa County’s acreage is under some form of protection from development. In the past that meant safeguarding the land from commercial development. Today, it has come to include agriculture itself. This presents a dilemma for buyers looking for plantable land in the region. Adding to the predicament are new and proposed [...]

St. Helena Real Estate Launches New Website

New Website Launch: Wine Country and Napa Valley Real Estate St. Helena Real Estate is introducing their new Napa Valley real estate website to showcase a never-ending parade of magnificent, high-quality listings from all over the valley. Traversing the Valley on behalf of homebuyers seeking the elegance of a beautiful multi-story estate with sculptured landscape [...]

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